Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains everything you need to know about the scheme.

About the scheme

What is available?

The scheme provides £500 worth of outdoor resources, and a 2 hour training session to selected schools in England, Scotland and Wales.

Where has the funding come from?

The project is funded by Postcode Local Trust, which receives funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

How does it work?

Schools submit a simple application form online and which is assessed against the selection criteria. Schools will be notified if they are successful within two weeks of the closing date of the round in which they applied.

How many grants are available?

We will be issuing grants to around 500 schools.

How long does the scheme run for?

Around one year.  It will comprise of four funding rounds as outlined here. 

If I've previously received a Local School Nature Grant can I reapply?

No - the scheme does not fund a school more than once.

When should I apply?
The scheme has had a phenomenally good reception from schools, and all rounds have been exceptionally popular. We advise schools to apply at their earliest convenience simply to provide the maximum opportunity to enjoy the products.

If I’m unsuccessful in one round, can I reapply to another round?

Yes, as long as you are eligible.

If we are successful when do we have to take up the training offer/ get our equipment?

Your training will be delivered within three months of being approved for funding. Your equipment should arrive within one month.

Why can’t you just give us cash?

This grant programme is about helping schools start on their outdoor learning journey or improve their current practice. We are able to reach more schools and learning outcomes by providing equipment and training. It also takes the administrative burden off schools as there is no ordering of equipment or financial reporting to be undertaken.

Can we use this grant as in-kind match funding for another funding application?

This depends on your other funder, if they are able to accept People's Postcode Lottery funding, then yes. 

The total of my products is less than £500, what happens to the rest of my grant?

If your items do not total £500 we are unable to provide reimbursement of any grant which is unspent.  Any unspent funds will be put back into the programme to help benefit other schools. 


Eligibility and assessment

Is the scheme available to Schools in Ireland. Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man?

Unfortunately not. The project is made possible by funding from the People’s Postcode Lottery, and these parts of the United Kingdom are covered by different gambling legislators from England, Scotland & Wales. People’s Postcode Lottery are unable to support grant-making in these locations.

Do I have to be a school to apply?
Yes –  (If you are Reception setting attached to a school (i.e. on the same physical site) you are eligible to apply in partnership with a school, but the school must lead the application).

I am the chair of the PTA / School Governor, can I apply?

Sorry, no. Applications must be made by someone employed by the school. There is no reason why you cannot support their application though.

I am part of a community group that works with schools – can we apply?
No, applications need to come from a school, but you are welcome to work in collaboration with a school to support their application.

We are a Playgroup / Nursery / Nursery School / Pre–School are we eligible to apply?
No, the programme is only open to schools.

What is the reason behind the focus on schools?
The scheme aims to bring benefit to children aged 5 + (Infant age in England & Wales/ First Level in Scotland). We recognise that some Reception/ Early Level settings share a site with a school and thus have the potential to bring benefit to the target age group. As such these applications will be considered if the application is led by the school.

Are there any age restrictions on the school?
There are no upper age limits, and we have a number of products and training sessions suited to older learners.

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed in relation to the fields outlined in the guidance criteria provided here.

Why have you asked for data about Pupil Premium?

If you are in England or Wales this is an important measure for us to ensure we are reaching children from a range of backgrounds.

The product offer

What products are available?

Please see here.

Does the equipment include delivery costs?

Yes, all delivery prices are included in the costs.

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, VAT is included on all items.

Can I change my mind about what equipment I have applied for?

No. We are unable to change equipment orders once you have submitted your application. If you are successful you will have the option to proceed with the order or re-apply.

My basket total is less than £500, what happens to the rest of my grant?

If your items do not total £500 we are unable to provide reimbursement of any grant which is unspent.  Any unspent funds will be put back into the programme to help benefit other schools. 

The training offer

What training options are available?

Please see here.

How many training sessions can we have?

The scheme provides 1 x 2hr training session.

Do we have to take up the training element?

Yes. It is essential that staff feel confident and inspired about using the new equipment and/or resources.

Is the training session for children?

No, the training is primarily designed for staff.

Can I change my mind about what training I have applied for?

Yes. A training officer will contact you to discuss your needs.

Where will the training delivered?
The training will be delivered in your school grounds or an outdoor learning venue of your choice (ie if you regularly use a local park we can run the training there).

How many people is the training for?
As many adults as you can muster! We will ask you to confirm numbers when we arrange your training date.

Is the training bespoke to my school?

Whilst we tweak the delivery of all of our training to suit the setting, this grant scheme includes seven different training options for successful schools to choose from.

The application system
Can I save my application part way through?

I started my application in one round but didn’t complete it, can I submit in a different round?
Yes. All incomplete applications remain on the system until they are submitted. Simply log in to continue. N.B. any applications started in 2017 have not been retained, as the scheme has been relaunched.

I cannot submit my application because the system is requesting that I select a product, but I have already done so?

Please return to the products section and click on the ‘add products’ button once you have selected the number of products that you want. You will then need to scroll down and click on ‘save and next’ at the bottom of the page.

Can I apply on paper?

No (please contact us if you are having difficulty using the online application system).

Submitted applications
How will we know if we have been successful?
We will notify both successful and unsuccessful applicants on the date outlined in the schedule found on the guidance page. Notification will be made by email, to the address provided on the application. This email contains all of the information you need relating to the next steps.

Our school was successful, can we apply again?
The purpose behind the grant scheme is to benefit as many schools as possible; and so it is not our intention to accept multiple applications from the same school. However, should this change we will notify you.

Why were we unsuccessful?
The grant scheme is very popular, and so competition for grants is exceptionally fierce. Applications are judged on a wide number of factors and unfortunately we are unable to offer feedback to individual schools. We suggest you review the common reasons why people are unsuccessful document, and consider replying in a later round.

If we are unsuccessful can we reapply?

Yes, as long as you are eligible. This information will be in the email notifying you that you were unsuccessful.

How do we reapply?
Please log on to the system using your original login details. You will find that the basic information from your original application has been retained, meaning that you only need to complete the product selection and answers to the selection questions before you submit your application.

Is there a time limit for when we can reapply?
No, you can reapply in any subsequent round.

Is there a limit to how many times we can reapply?
No, though we would encourage schools to ensure they are making sensible use of their time if they are considering multiple applications.

If you need more help
Please contact the Nature Grants team at or on 01590 625 174.

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