National School Grounds Week 2016

General resources

Maths - position and movement

This resource looks at how maths - and in particular position and movement - can be explored outdoors and is packed with curriculum-linked activities.

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Play tree and log finder for schools

Enriching Maths through Outdoor Play

Developing mathematical thinking and learning mathematical skills can be part of a child’s everyday outdoor play experiences. Read more..

Maths outdoors_enriching

Fun with numbers

When doing Maths outdoors children can count, measure and explore shapes, and develop their mathematical ideas on a large scale and/or in context. Read more..

Maths snake

Outdoor Maths

Outdoor maths looks at how providing real examples of ways mathematical concepts can be developed and applied, teaching maths outdoors can prevent the subject being seen as too abstract. Read more..

Maths outdoors 2

Open up to outdoor Maths!

We recognise that a project focusing on nurturing mathematical experiences in the natural and made environment outdoors would enrich children's learning experiences. Read more..

Maths outdoors logs

Glasgow year-long ideas

Numeracy and mathematics
Experiences and outcomes
Early to second level

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Kids and maths


Activity and lesson ideas

10 Ways to measure a tree

A fun maths sheet, showing a variety of ways to measure a tree. Can your pupils measure a tree with a bucket of water?

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Icecream maths

Awkward angles

This outdoor lesson for primary schools is all about exploring man-made and natural angles in the playground using a protractor. Read more..

Icecream maths

Bird ballistics

This outdoor lesson is based on the well-know computer game ‘Angry birds’. Great for supporting maths, design and technology. Read more..

Icecream maths

Getting to grips with equations

This activity uses natural resources to help develop maths skills such as working out equations.

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Icecream maths

Ice cylinders

This outdoor lesson involves designing an experiment to see how quickly ice melts. Great for supporting science, ICT and maths. Read more..

Jump! Maths game

As well as the class learning to estimate distances and measure on a large scale outside, the class will also need to be active! Read more..


Making it clear

This lesson is an ideal way to demonstrate distillation and involves taking measurements and exploring physical processes. Read more..


Making maths magic

The aim of this activity is to help children discover solutions to problems by finding answers through physical manipulation of data. Read more..

Math scene

What is walking speed?

As well as getting active, this lesson puts maths skills into practical use.

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Kids running


This activity involves playing the popular game battleships on a large scale. Besides being fun, it will help children get to grips with coordinates. Read more..

Kids and logs


Human bar chart

This outdoor lesson for primary schools, designed to support the maths curriculum demonstrates how bar charts work. Read more..


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