Using the outdoors to develop life skills and a sense of achievement.

Fruit-full Communities

The Fruit-full communities project helps equip young people with the skills and confidence needed to transform green spaces through the creation of orchards.

Young homeless people work together to plan, design and plant their orchards, also learning about tree care and maintenance as well as careers in the Green Economy.

They gain better understanding of the importance of trees in protecting the environment and making connections with other young people working with trees in African countries.

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How does the project work?

Fruit-full Communities (FFC) works with young people aged 11-24 living in YMCA or Foyer housing schemes, supported lodgings and/or attending YMCA youth clubs and aims to improve young people’s health, wellbeing and prospects for the future.

The project – funded by the Big Lottery – is part of a new initiative called Our Bright Future. The project is delivered by Learning through Landscapes in partnership with International Tree Foundation, The Orchard Project and YMCA.

Click here to learn more about the FFC project and to access useful resources on orchard planting and making the most of fruit grown.

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