What do bird boxes, bee hotels and nature experts all have in common?

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They are all available free to schools as part of Learning through Landscapes Local School Nature Grants Programme, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. This outdoor learning grant fund is has two elements – a free outdoor learning training and £500 of equipment for schools

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The product catalogue

If your application for the Local School Nature Grant is successful, you will be able to select a range of equipment and lesson plans, ideal for enhancing your outdoor learning. Discover more.

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Local school nature grants

The Local School Nature Grants Programme includes up to £500 worth of outdoor resources, which can be chosen from a mix of over 100 different products.

The packages offer a wide mix of products to appeal to a broad range of ages, are customisable, enabling Infant, Primary and Secondary schools to choose from a menu of items which best suit their learners and their setting.

The project is funded by Postcode Local Trust, which receives funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Key information about the grants:

  • The total spend on products cannot exceed £500
  • All prices include VAT and delivery
  • Any underspend will be used to help further schools partake in the project and cannot be reimbursed to the school
  • Schools are welcome to select the same item multiple times, as long as the £500 budget is not exceeded
  • Training is delivered on your school site
  • Once the online application form is submitted schools cannot change the products that they have selected
  • Items will be delivered directly to schools within 3 months of the application being successful
  • Schools will not be required to make any payment; this will be handled directly by Learning though Landscapes and the supplier

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The product catalogue

The Local School Nature Grants Programme includes £500 worth of outdoor resources, which can be chosen from a mix of over 100 different products.

This catalogue includes all of the products available to help you decide if you would like to apply, and what products would best suit your setting. Schools will be required to specify the products that they would like as part of their online application.

The levels/subjects provide an indication of the suitable applications of the products. Please note these categories are for guidance only, and we encourage you to work with your pupils to make the best choices for you.

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