In partnership with Leicester City Council and The Wildlife Gardening Forum, and funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund,  Pollination for the Next Generation (Polli:Gen) is being delivered by expert Project Officers in 24 schools across Leicester, with the aim of making Leicester the most pollinator-friendly city in England.

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About the project

Building on the successes of the award-winning Polli:Nation project, Pollination for the Next Generation (Polli:Gen) will engage with children and community groups across Leicester to teach them about their local natural heritage and how to create pollinator-friendly school grounds and community areas.

Our expert Project Officers are taking learning outside, helping pupils to connect with nature and to make a commitment to ongoing environmental stewardship. As well as empowering children to improve their own school grounds for pollinating insects, Polli:Gen will also encourage children to lead change in their local community by engaging with their families, local community groups and gardeners.

With more than one fifth of Leicester schools taking part, the project will aim to make Leicester the most pollinator-friendly city in England. By the end of the project, we also expect to see communities connecting more with their local natural environment, feeling empowered to act to protect it, and experiencing a greater sense of mental and physical wellbeing from spending time in nature.

Our Impact So Far

Since beginning project delivery in May 2021, Polli:Gen has empowered children to connect with their local natural environment by teaching them about the importance of pollinating insects and by showing them how to survey for pollinators in their school grounds.

Before the project started, the children didn’t care about insects, but now they try to protect any bees and wasps they find.


– A teacher at a participating school

A wonderful addition to the curriculum. Facilitated by a very enthusiastic, well-prepared and excellent teacher. We all look forward to our pollination lesson on a Wednesday!


– A teacher at a participating school

I really think this project has planted a seed of positivity in the community that will continue to grow and spread.


– Project Manager from a participating community group 

Throughout the autumn term, Polli:Gen sessions have focused on environmental action, as participating children begin using their new-found knowledge to make long-lasting improvements to their school grounds. Empowered by our expert Project Officers, children have also been sharing their ideas and working with community groups to lead positive, pollinator-friendly changes in spaces across the city.

By the end of the project, schools, gardens and community areas will see the collective benefits of these insights.

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