Play Tree Log in School Playground Idea

Play Trees In School Grounds

Fallen trees and large logs are an exciting, open ended and low cost addition to your school playground.

This simple guide explains all you need to introduce a play tree safely in your school playground, and can be read in conjunction with our guide on large scale sand in schools.

While thought needs to be given to how to manage the introduction of such items to the school playground, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

The risk and challenge posed by such play trees and logs are engaging to children and young people. The rich learning opportunity that climbing, balancing, sitting on and under gives is of value to childrens physical literacy and health and wellbeing. Teachers can utilise the play tree or log in a variety of ways, moving PE and gym lessons outdoors for Parkour, or as a gathering point or resource for classes when learning outdoors. Contact with large logs and trees inevitably means close contact with nature and natural materials, through the seasons.

On the menu to the left you will find downloadable information, useful contacts in your local authority and Forestry Commission Scotland and suppliers or sources of fallen trees or large logs.

Grounds for Learning would like to acknowledge Forestry Commission Scotland in supporting us to deliver this resource.

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