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Risk Benefit Assessments

Below are the Risk Benefit Assessments that we use. They are intended to cover our employee's activities - including play and outdoor learning in schools and early years settings. We hope you will find them useful, should you have booked us for training or consultancy, or be involved in a project with us.

The Risk Benefit Assessments are designed to 'stack' - any given activity may require a Generic Location, a Generic Activity and possibly a Specific Activity. Specific Activities are ones that pose increased potential for risk, especially with children or less experienced adults involved.

In addition, staff are expected to complete Extra Usual Risk Benefit Assessments, should they be working in an unusual location or activity that does not fall into these generic assessments, or any situation that they feel carries a higher potential for or increased severity of risk.

Generic Location Risk Benefit Assessments

School Playground Risk Assessment

Park and Parkland Risk Assessment

Urban Environment Risk Assessment

Woodland Risk Assessment

Beach, Shoreline and Water Edge Risk Assessment

Activity (Routine and Expected)

Lone Working Risk Assessment

Office Working Risk Assessment

Indoor Training Event Risk Assessment

Outdoor Training Event Risk Assessment

Construction Site Visit (School Playground) Risk Assessment

Flora and Fauna Risk Assessment

Play with Natural, Structured and Loose Materials Risk Assessment

Tour of School Playgrounds and Venues Risk Assessment

Schools Encouraging Pollinators and Beekeeping Risk Assessment

Hosting Conferences Risk Assessment

Specific Activity Risk Benefit Assessments

Rope (play and use) Risk Assessment

Tool Use Outdoors Risk Assessment

Tree Climbing and Obstacle Climbing Risk Assessment

Gardening and Tree Planting Risk Assessment

Fires and Cooking Outdoors Risk Assessment



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